Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Human Life

Sanctity of Human Life –  How can you and your church celebrate life?

In an increasingly abortion-minded world, Jesus’ followers need to continually hear positive messages that affirm life so they are empowered to defend the sanctity of human life.

Every day thousands of women are faced with a choice – an unwanted pregnancy.  This may be the most difficult thing they will ever face. When they contact us, most feel afraid, alone and overwhelmed.

We offer them a non-judgmental environment of compassion and caring where they can come to discuss their concerns and find hope. Thanks to your support, we can continue to be a life affirming presence in our community.

Mission statement

Tender Care seeks to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals can come to discuss their pregnancy related concerns in hope of a positive choice.

Tender Care Speaker

Vince Pacelli, Executive Director can be present at your church or may be available to attend group or church events to share scriptural basis for the sanctity of human life or the services provided by Tender Care.

(Vince can deliver a three minute overview of the ministry or give an entire sermon. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate.)

To request speaker at your church, or other group, please contact Debbie or call 717-633-9685.

Other ways you can be involved

Baby bottle campaign

Special offerings and many ways to give 

What is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday?

The original Proclamation of Sanctity of Human Life Day given by President Ronald Reagan on January 13, 1984.

brief history of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

helpful answer to the question, “What does it mean to believe in the sanctity of human life?”

Other literature

Download this Abortion Fact Sheet to get a snapshot of what abortion looks like in the United States.

To schedule a meeting with Vince Pacelli, our Executive Director, please contact Debbie via  email  or by phone at 717-633-9685.