PREGNANT? You have options

Tender Care seeks to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals can discuss their pregnancy related concerns.

We are dedicated and committed to helping women and couples understand the truth and reality of their pregnancy in order to make the best decision. Know the signs of pregnancy and what is next for you.

Learn more about your options and the services we offer.

Available by appointment only Monday through Thursday 9 am-12 pm.
Call or leave a message, include your phone number to request appointment.
Hanover 717-633-1200    Gettysburg 717-334-8613     Text 717-862-7050


Tender Care provides medical limited ultrasound, to see how far along you are, verify the pregnancy is in your uterus, and determine if the pregnancy is viable.


Virtual visits, online prenatal & parenting classes, and the ability to connect with your personal client advocate via text, phone, or zoom (with or without camera).  For more information or to sign up, contact Jackie in Hanover or Jamie in Gettysburg.

Contact Client Advocates Directly:
Hanover:  717.633.1200 or email
Gettysburg: 717.334.8613 or email

All services are provided no cost in a caring and confidential environment.

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No contact pick up for baby supplies is available.  Simply contact either center to request items