Pregnancy Testing & Medical Verification 

It is important to verify that you are pregnant before making any major decisions. We provide free pregnancy testing and medical verification for every pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options Consultation

Finding out you are pregnant can be overwhelming.  You have three options, parenting, adoption, or ending your pregnancy through abortion. This is a big decision, and you deserve to have all the facts you need to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

There is no easy choice. We can help you talk through your personal situation, provide education and explore each option. Know about your options.

Limited Ultrasound 

Ultrasounds are important to see how far along you are, see if the pregnancy is in your uterus, and determine if the pregnancy is viable.  Learn more about the importance of Ultrasound.

Contact Hanover at 717-633-1200 or Gettysburg 717-334-8613 or Text 717-862-7050.

Unexpected – Ruby’s Story

Ruby and Damien share their story of an unexpected pregnancy. Watch now.

Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

ONLINE classes:  learn more

With over 100 topics, allow us to customize your program. Classes are one on one with facilitator at your convenience.  After completion of classes you will receive a new car seat and new baby items from our boutique.

Baby Supplies

To support you as a parent, Tender Care offers baby clothing, diapers, wipes, formula and more.  We value you and your baby, learn how to get free supplies.

Additional Services Offered

We offer a variety of services for every pregnancy, no matter your decision or circumstance:

  • Pregnancy option information
  • Abortion education
  • Adoption resources
  • Prenatal support
  • Postpartum support
  • Medical & community referrals
  • Building Self Confidence Program

Please know you are not alone.  Tender Care can help. All services are provided without cost in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment. We are here for you.

After Abortion

No matter how you feel about your abortion, when you want to speak with someone, we are here. You can meet privately one on one with a woman who has been where you are.  Post Abortion support