Baby Bottle Campaign

Help us reach our goal of $107,000 to pay off our Hanover Center.  Baby bottle campaign has been one of our most successful ongoing fundraisers. We have received $7,342 towards our goal! (updated 10.20.2021).

Great for churches, business, and groups to be involved in the mission of TC.  Involves everyone – from young to old.  Your donation will directly impact lives now and for the future!

2 ways to be involved

ACTUAL BABY BOTTLES – How we’ve been doing baby bottle campaign since the 90’s.

Simply pick up bottles and literature from Tender Care, distribute among your group, set a collection time and return the money to Tender Care.  Baby Bottle Bulletin to fill bottles

VIRTUAL BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN – no contact, donate online, in person or by mail.

Share that your group can contribute virtually – Baby Bottle Bulletin insert Virtual

Give online by clicking this button

Mail or drop off at Tender Care Pregnancy Center, 300 John St, Hanover, PA 17331

Your donations help offer a positive alternative to abortion, provides hope, helping women and men embrace the journey of pregnancy.

It adds up and every penny counts!

Baby Bottle Fill Bottles poster

Baby Bottle Virtual Poster 

Contact Debbie at 717-633-9685 or email to get involved.

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