Tender Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means we rely on and appreciate the generous donations of individuals like you who give in support of our mission and those we serve. Because of YOU, we are able to impact the lives of women, men and children in our community.

Your support is important and needed now more than ever.  In a world of unknown, we continue to provide hope, encouragement and valuable support.  Every life is valuable.



Thank you!

Your support – financial, tangible, or prayer, is sincerely appreciated. We thank you for your commitment to the local women and families choosing to Embrace the Journey throughout 2023!

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. New material donations are accepted by appointment.

“Your support helps us keep our doors open, to continue to serve a vulnerable population…. Your support allows us to fight the good fight!”
-Vince Pacelli, Executive Director

Questions? Contact Executive Director Vincent Pacelli email or call 717-633-9685.