Looking forward to Walk for Life 2023, Saturday, May 13th!

REACHED OUR 2022 Walk for Life GOAL –  $60,000 


Dear Friends of Tender Care,

$60, 294….$60,294 is what you, our supporters donated for this year’s Walk for Life.  What a celebration of Life this represents. Again, with the economy sputtering, with the pro-abortion forces now fomenting violence as a winning strategy, with pregnancy centers being fire bombed, you have once again proven yourselves up for the fight.

For almost 50 years the Pro-Life movement has stood tall; prayerfully, silently, respectfully moving forward. As we help women and their families embrace the journey of pregnancy and parenthood, our work is far from finished. As I have said many times, Together, “we will help Life find a way.”

Thank you so much for your support during these turbulent times. The fight for Life goes on.

Vince Pacelli

Why we Walk

“I was pregnant, in high school, scared and stressed. I didn’t know what I would do.”
Jasmine visited Tender Care during a vulnerable time in her life. She shared her fears and concerns.
“They were welcoming and took time to listen to me. I was relieved and felt much better after visiting TC. They really care.”
Jasmine began taking the pregnancy classes and was eager to learn all that she could.
“My Client Advocate gave me so much encouragement and was with me through my entire pregnancy.”
“When I went into labor I texted my Client Advocate and when my baby arrived, she celebrated with me!”

Jasmine is an amazing new mom!

The encouragement and support Jasmine received made a difference in her life.  Every day women facing unplanned pregnancies find a safe place to discuss their pregnancy related concerns.  TC is here to provide valuable resources and ongoing pregnancy and parenting care because of your generous gifts.

Thank You for participating

As you read in the client story above, YOUR support, generosity and encouragement by participating in this event  and others like it throughout the year make a Positive impact for LIFE. We truly appreciate your participation – using your time and energy to support women and families to make life changing and life giving decisions.  Prayerfully consider being a part of this fun and impactful event!

Thank you for walking & supporting life. Happy walk day and Happy Mother’s day from Vince.

THANK YOU 2022 Walk Sponsors:

Robert & Catherine Mauss
Forry Transport, Inc.
Home Associations of McSherrystown
Paradise Holtzschwamm Evangelical Covenant Church
SEK CPAs & Advisors