Ride For Life

The Bible Belt

Who hasn’t heard of the Bible Belt? But what is it? Is it a geographical location, a mindset, a dream, a fading reality, a badge of honor, a negative phrase used by nonbelievers? 

The answer of course is yes, it is all of those things. In a real way, the Bible Belt is an idea that is larger than any regional part of the United States. The vision of the Bible Belt transcends race, region, and time. At its best the Bible Belt is a committed community that recognizes the place of God and the practice of the Christian faith. This expression of faith founded a seamlessly sewn belt of Biblical values that truly extends throughout America, to include rural and small-town Pennsylvania.

This summer, I invite you to join us as we visit twelve historical Bible Belt Churches, from Roanoke Virginia to Knoxville and Chattanooga Tennessee, Birmingham Alabama, Shreveport Louisiana, San Antonio and Fort Worth Texas, and back through Little Rock Arkansas, St. Louis Missouri, Lexington Kentucky and Charlotte North Carolina. I consider the Christian culture as found in the Bible Belt to be the backbone of America.

Through our commitment to Life, let’s keep that backbone strong.

Vincent Pacelli
Tender Care Executive Director

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2023 Ride for Life results: over 3,000 miles, PA, MD, SC, FL, AL, AR, MO, KY, NC
2022 Ride for Life results: 2,206 miles, PA, IN, KS, CO, WY, Destination Lincoln, NE
2021 Ride for Life results: 1,208 miles, Manchester MD, to Georgia, destination Memphis TN
2020 Ride for Life results: 1,000 miles, Maryland to Springfield Missouri