Ride For Life

Several months ago I was on my way to work when I saw a pick-up truck with a decal in the lower left corner of the rear window that read “I am unashamed. Romans 1:16.”

Romans 1:16 reads “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.”

With Christianity and the Pro-Life movement under attack, this really struck home. The abortion movement is doing everything it can to make us out to be extremists, that there is something morally wrong with our commitment to Life, that we have dark hearts and should be ashamed. We of course take offense with this horrible picture.

Vincent Pacelli
Tender Care Executive Director

Tender Care, Gettysburg, PA – Mt Saint Mary’s Shrine, MD – Jesus Shell Painting, SC – St. Augustine, The Great Cross, FL – Shrine of Most Blessed Sacrament, LA – Christ of Ozarks Statue, AR – St Louis Cathedral, MO – Kansas City, House of Prayer, MO – The Ark, KY – Billy Graham Library, NC

Goal $25,000

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Tender Care’s Mission Statement: Tender Care is committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals with pregnancy related concerns can come in hopes of a positive choice.

2023 Ride for Life results: over 3,000 miles, PA, MD, SC, FL, AL, AR, MO, KY, NC
2022 Ride for Life results: 2,206 miles, PA, IN, KS, CO, WY, Destination Lincoln, NE
2021 Ride for Life results: 1,208 miles, Manchester MD, to Georgia, destination Memphis TN
2020 Ride for Life results: 1,000 miles, Maryland to Springfield Missouri