Ride For Life

Ride for Life  

“Cowboy Up” is a phrase not frequently heard away from the rodeo circuit. And I would imagine rarely if ever heard in the Keystone State. You are probably wondering what in the world, does Cowboy Up have to do with Tender Care and the Pro-Life movement? With Roe v. wade back on its heels, it is certainly time to rejoice. However, with radical abortion activists declaring war on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, it is time for courage, strength, and the willingness to make sacrifices. It is time to stay determined – to have grit. It is time to Cowboy Up!

Tender Care has been around for 34 years, and through your generosity, we are $47,000 away from being debt free. This year’s ride is dedicated to paying off our Hanover Center. To be debt free, solidifying our ability to help women and their families embrace the journey of pregnancy and parenthood well into the future.

Ride with me this year as we Cowboy up for Life!

Vincent C. Pacelli
Executive Director


Raise $47,000 to pay off the Hanover Center

Ride 2,202.8 miles on motorcycle in 4 days

Day 1: Gettysburg PA to Indianapolis IN – 532.4 miles
Day 2: Indianapolis IN to Topeka KS – 586 miles
Day 3: Topeka KS to Denver Co – 540.1
Day 4: Denver CO to Cheyenne WY to Lincoln NE – 544.3 miles

$1,000 Thrill Seeker     $500 Conqueror     $250 Adventurer
$100 Explorer                  $50 Tourist              $other _____ Journey

Downloadable resources to help make this event a success!

Ride for life brochure  bulletin insert & Poster.

Thank you!

contact: Debbie@tendercare.org or vincent@tendercare.org  717-633-9685

Tender Care’s Mission Statement: Tender Care is committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals with pregnancy related concerns can come in hopes of a positive choice.

2021 Ride for Life results: 1,208 miles, Manchester Md, to Georgia, destination Memphis TN
2020 Ride for Life results: 1,000 miles, Maryland to Springfield Missouri