Project W.O.R.T.H.


Project W.O.R.T.H.  “When Our Relationships Take Hold”couple

Inspiring youth to make healthy relationship choices.  A FREE program for York and Adams School Districts.

Building Healthy Relationships

Tender Care’s SRA program, “Project W.O.R.T.H.” (Formerly called “WAIT Training”)  is a dynamic, interactive, 4-day lesson plan that offers essential information for students to make healthy choices in their relationships.  This practical and affirming program addresses sexual pressures currently confronting young people and is the ideal compliment to standard health and family classes.
Tender Care’s SRA program and supplemental lessons are based on objective, medically accurate research.  With respect for individual choice, our trained educators help students frame their future goals with informed decisions and optimal health.   We recognize the value of input from parents.  Consequently, daily home assignments provide the ideal opportunity for positive discussion with a son or daughter.
7th Grade Lesson Series
“Love vs. Infatuation”, Friendships & Conflict resolution, Refusal Skills & Situation Avoidance, Technology Safety and Dangers of Social Media
8th Grade Lesson Series
Personality Exploration, Foundation of Healthy Relationships, STDs and Risky Behavior, Dating Boundaries, “Create a Date”, and Dangers of Pornagraphy
High School Lessons Series
Success Sequencing, Communication Skills, Understanding Risks associated with teen sex, Sexual assualt precatuions, Dating Boundaries, and Break up skills

Teacher Feedback: 

“I most appreciate the fact that the students look forward to the “Tender Care lady” coming in to talk, and that those talks are never considered to be preaching.  Students are able to make good and appropriate decisions for themselves based on what is right and true for themselves, not based on what somebody else wants them to do. “
Middle School Health Teacher
“Every year I look forward to Project WORTH for various reasons.  One of the most important is tackling the topic of healthy relationships which is a real-life issue.  Also, young people this age are very interested in friends and dating relationships.  Lastly,  the program emphasizes the importance of healthy relationships by bringing in speakers and addressing issues that they may never experience in a school setting.”
Middle School Teacher
“The W.O.R.T.H. lesson material integrated perfectly with my lessons on hazards to healthy development and romantic relationships in adolescence. I so greatly appreciate the support from the TC SRA program and their commitment to educating young people to these hazards. I look forward to collaborating on these lessons in the future.”
High School Health Teacher

Students Feedback: 

7th Grade Students:

“Thank you for teaching us about sex.  It will come in handy.”
“It’s really helpful. I loved it! So Fun!
“There were a lot of interactive activities and it helped the stuff sink in.”
“You explained everything well, and I received knowledge on topics I wanted to know more about.”

8th Grade Students:

“I was planning on waiting in the first place and this made me even more sure why I am.”
“She taught me what to say if I didn’t wonna have sex.”
“I liked how we did the boundaries because I know where I want to put my boundaries.”
“It was good to hear that you don’t have to have sex, and it’s OK to wait.”
“Some of the things she said that a boyfriend shouldn’t do I’ve been doing and I will change because I love my girlfriend and need to respect her boundaries.”

High School Students:

“It informed me of facts that I told my boyfriend and now we are going to work on our problems.”
“She took the role of a caring, informed, non-judgmental teacher and did not push views on us.”
“She put major emphasis on everyone’s value.”
“You gave very good information with the little time given to you.  It helps with people who are ‘stuck.'” 
“I learned new things I didn’t know about.  Also, it made me think a lot of things about relationships and such.” 
“It was very blunt and forward with the facts and it let you have your own opinion.”
“It made me realize my worth and helped me to understand an unhealthy way of living and being in a relationship.”
Presentations are taught by our certified  SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance  Specialists). We also offer a faith-based version of this curriculum for private schools and youth groups.
To schedule a class or speaking event please contact:  Hanover 717-633-9685 or Gettysburg 717-338-9500
or contact SRA Educator:  
For more info download Project WORTH Brochur