Ruby’s Story

Ruby and Damien share their story of an unexpected pregnancy.

It was the first day of classes in her sophomore year in college, and all she could think about was that she might be pregnant. One of her friends had told her about Tender Care, so she made an appointment.

Ruby came into the center and was extremely nervous.  She had already decided if she was pregnant she would just have an abortion, so no one would have to know. “I was scared the test would be positive. The only option I had was abortion.”

During counseling, she explained that she was afraid to tell her mom and she didn’t want to disappoint her parents.  Mostly, because her sister had an unplanned pregnancy and Ruby witnessed the stress it had placed on their relationship. “I felt like I was all alone, even though I had my boyfriend’s support, I felt no one would understand what I was going through.”

The pregnancy test was positive. Ruby broke down crying. “When I first found out, I wanted to escape, just run away.”  The client advocate (TC Counselor) discussed all of her options.

Her boyfriend accompanied her to that first appointment. Damien shared that his mom was a single mother and he would be there for Ruby, whatever she decided. “I remember being full of anticipation and feeling scared. Thinking about our future and didn’t know if we would be able to do it.”

They spent a lot of time together that day, considering how each option would affect their future. As they reviewed fetal development, Ruby was surprised to learn that her baby had a heartbeat, how developed the baby was and that it had unique DNA.

They both were interested to learn more about fetal development. This young couple had come in for just a pregnancy test and were surprised by all of the support we could offer. “They were so welcoming and easy to talk with.”

Ruby and Damien came in for their next visit, they were very excited to share that they had told their families about their pregnancy, and it went very well.

They took parenting classes, “there was so much we didn’t know that we learned in the classes.”

As Ruby and Damien held their son, they reflected on how Tender Care was there for them.

“If it wasn’t for Tender Care, I don’t know what I would’ve done.  We will forever be grateful.”

This couple has allowed us to share in their pregnancy and parenting journey.  We appreciate this young couple and are blessed to be part of their story. They are great parents, and an amazing family!